Welcome to the proposal system for SREcon22 EMEA. You are invited to submit multiple proposals if you have material for more than one talk, however, generally only one talk per speaker will be selected.
A special note to anyone considering proposing a panel: Due to health restrictions/concerns, the option for fully in-person panels has had to be removed. If you have a proposal in process for a panel, please submit it anyway with notes in the "Other Considerations" section and the chairs will follow up with you afterward.
  • The submission deadline is 2022-06-30 23:59 UTC. There is a bit of a grace period allowed, but don't wait too long!
  • Decisions will be sent via email by 2022-08-09 and you must confirm your acceptance by 2022-08-23.

Since the final dates happen during August, please plan accordingly in case of any vacations. We have had excellent talks in past conferences which had to be cut from the program because the speakers did not confirm their availability within the deadline. You can provide alternate email addresses in the proposal form - all will receive the notifications.
Welcome to the SREcon22 Europe/Middle East/Africa (SREcon22 EMEA) submissions site. For general conference information, see https://www.usenix.org/conference/srecon22emea.


The deadline for registering submissions has passed.